Monday, April 25, 2005



I. Statement of Problem Area
A. Background of Negotiation
1. Individuals involved in negotiations
2. Parties they represent
3. Purpose of the negotiations
4. Goals
5. Issues
6. Setting
7. Short history of the negotiation

B. Nature of the Problem
1. General description of the failure or projected problems
2. Consequences of failure or problem

II. Statement of theory
A. Key concepts and definitions

B. Propositions and/or explanatory statements

III. Hypotheses
A. Statement of hypotheses about the cause of the failure

B. Description of hypotheses. Short paragraph that explains what each hypothesis means.

C. Justifications for hypotheses
1. Relationship to theories
2. Supporting research
3. Examples drawn from problem area

D. Evaluation of each hypothesis
1. Specify the conditions that must be present in order for the hypothesis to be valid
2. Specify alternative causes and indicate why they are not valid, appropriate, or optimal

IV. Proposed Intervention
A. Intervention suggestions
1. Change in procedures of the negotiation
2. How is the change related to hypotheses?
3. Indicators of success or failure for the intervention
4. Costs and risks of intervention
5. Backup solutions for costs and risks
6. Probability of success of intervention and why

V. Bibliography and/or footnotes


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